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Commercial Tree Service in San Antonio, TX

Caring for trees isn't just a responsibility for homeowners. Business owners need to care for the trees around their properties, too. That's where South Texas Tree of Life Tree Services comes in. As a proud provider of commercial tree service in San Antonio, our full-service company is ready to keep your foliage looking healthy and beautiful for years to come. 

Safe Commercial Tree Removal

Trees make your business's landscape more inviting and welcoming. A diseased, dying, or damaged tree can wreak havoc on your landscape, making the once beautiful space look uninviting. You cannot afford to have a hazard on your commercial business.

Remove a dangerous tree by turning to our tree company for a commercial tree removal. Here, we use the most effective and the safest removal techniques to restore your property's safety and maintain your tree's health.

Commercial Building and Trees in San Antonio, TX

Commercial Tree Trimming: Necessary Maintenance

When you think about routine maintenance for your business, are your trees on the list? Many business owners don't realize how importance commercial tree maintenance is. This means that many business owners neglect the trees around their commercial properties. A neglected tree can become overgrown in just a few short years. Overgrowth isn't the only issue you can face when trees aren't maintained. Low-hanging branches, disease, and other issues can soon become very real realities. Avoid them by calling us for commercial tree trimming and other maintenance services. We'll go above and beyond to keep your trees maintained, in good health, and looking their very best for years to come. Make sure tree inspections are a part of your maintenance program.

Personalized Commercial Tree Maintenance

No two business owners have the exact same tree care needs. Whether your trees need simple trims to help control their growth patterns, or if you need debris removed after a storm, feel at ease knowing we'll customize a commercial tree maintenance program specifically for your unique needs.

Commercial Land Clearing Available

You're ready to expand your business. After searching for months, you've found the perfect location. There's just one problem–the property is covered with trees. That's not a problem when you turn to our dedicated specialists for land clearing. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our crew is ready to clear the land of trees, so you can build your new business. Call us today to learn more, or to request a service.

Contact us to keep the trees around your commercial property healthy. Simply schedule a commercial tree service, which we offer to business owners throughout San Antonio, Sequin, New Braunfels, Buda, and Boerne, Texas, and the surrounding areas.