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Tree Removal Service in San Antonio, TX

A large tree may seem like it adds value to your property. However, if a tree is located too close your home or power lines, it's only a matter of time until it comes crashing down, destroying anything in its path. Don't let this happen to you. Simply call South Texas Tree of Life Tree Services for a tree removal service in San Antonio.

If you're unsure whether you need a tree removed, don't worry. We offer comprehensive tree inspections to assess your current situation and recommend the right course of action. Don't forget to ask about our 10% discount on removals.

Fast, Reliable Service from a Local Tree Removal Company

Are you worried about the tree towering over your home? Fear not, as our family-owned tree removal company is your solution. Count on our experts to use the most efficient methods to safely remove a tree that can fall and damage your property. Once removed, rely on our stump removal or stump grinding crew to eliminate the eyesore stump, so your yard is blemish free.

A tall tree with limbs extending near or over power lines or over your roof may seem innocent. The truth is that it only takes one strong storm with heavy winds to knock send some of those limbs crashing through the roof. Avoid the high cost of a roof replacement or repair by relying on our tree removal company to remove the hazardous tree from your property. Emergency tree removals are also available.

Contractor Removing Tree Limbs in San Antonio, TX

Protect Your Property with a Dead Tree Removal Service

Has one of the trees on your property died because of an infestation of wood-boring insects, fast winds, or a severe storm? The elements take a toll on the health of trees, often killing them. If you notice a problem, it's time to invest in a dead tree removal service. Removing a dead or dying tree from your yard is imperative because:

  • Tree Diseases Spread Rapidly & Can Impact the Health of Other Trees
  • Dead Trees Provide the Perfect Habitat for Pests & Unwanted Wildlife
  • A Dead Tree Removal Service Will Provide Your Property with Ample Protection
  • A Dead Tree Detracts from the Beauty of Your Otherwise Pristine Yard
  • Dead Trees Have Weaker Branches, Which Are Prone toFalling down during Strong Wind Storms

Is a Tree Removal Service Really Necessary?

Trees add beauty and appeal to a landscape. A hazardous or diseased tree is no doubt a threat to your property. We will complete a tree removal service if it's 100% necessary to protect your property. If not, we will recommend another service, such as trimming any low-hanging branches.

Improve your property's safety by turning to us for a tree removal service. Contact us, as we're ready to get the job done right the first time. Services are available for clients throughout San Antonio, Sequin, New Braunfels, Buda, and Boerne, Texas, and the surrounding areas.